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Concession foods are often boring, tastless and over priced offerings many times tasting no better than the box they came in.
At Caleco Gourmet, we take pride in our authentic and original menu offerings, made by hand using only the finest quality ingredients we can find.

Our Tenderloins are trimmed of fat and sinew, hand cut and pounded to our specifications. They are hand dipped in our beer batter and deep fried as they are ordered, we do not let our Tenderloins sit in a warmer.

Our steaks are always USDA Choice and are cut to our specifications, well trimmed and cooked your way.
We never cook our steaks ahead. NEVER !

Our Flat Bread Sandwiches are original, and delicious. The Steak or Shrimp is sauteed with fresh onion and mushrooms and placed upon a fresh home made flat bread coated with cheese. . . and finally topped with your choice of sauces.

Our Beer Battered Tempura items are made with only the freshest of meats and veggies. We coat them with our special beer/tempura batter and deep fry them to perfection. We offer a variety of sauces as well as the standard mustard and catsup, but you gotta try our homemade Cucumber Jalepeno Ranch......

We offer a choice of two home made side dishes to go with our entrees to make yourself a delicious fresh meal. Items may include rice dishes, beans, potatoes, corn and more, all cooked and served fresh and hot.

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